Blog 4: 2/11/12

Just returned from IMATS UK 4 days ago. It was cold (-8) Here is a shot of the snow outside of where we were working. I love this body painting done by the French make-up Artist, Einet Dan. Another highlight of the show was Lan Nguyen’s work.   Finally below is a portrait of...

Blog 2: 1/22/12

Below is some of my recent work. This is a picture of the amazing Juliet Landau from the Streetcar reading we did. I’m not sure if this was used for publicity or not. This is a picture the singer Alex Edinburgh that I took with an old Polaroid camera. I shot Charlie...
Below is a selection of make-ups from the last couple of years of Imats shows. They are such wonderful works of art. The creativity and thought that goes into each of these make-ups is so inspiring. Imats LA 2011 Imats LA 2011 Imats NY 2011 Imats NY 2011 Thanks for taking a look. Dev  
Here are some photo's some friends. Some of the most amazing people I know. Eric (waiting) Carlos (writer) Drew (at Imats) Iggi Thanks for taking a look. Dev    
Candids:   David, owner of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, at Fashion week 2011. Eve Pearl doing a make-up. Shopping Imats London 2012. Education. I love the focus and intensity in these images.   Dev  
Here are a few images of Juliet for her upcoming projects. Black Queen who has my heart. Black Queen 2 Black Queen 3 Juliet with the director and writer for a reading she is doing right now for the interact theater. "The Bells of West 87th" Thanks for taking a look. Dev

Blog 2/19/12

Hey Everyone I thought I show portraits this week Sam Anderson Here is  anther make up from IMATS from the PPI booth     The Great Gene Cipriano musician Ronnie Lotte football Legend Thanks for taking a look Dev  
Hey everyone so here is my first blog of 2013 and since SA. Thanks for the love and support I got from everyone when I got sick in SA. I am sitting in a sound editing bay with JL working on a project. Here are some pics from St Louis airport....