Blog 2/19/12

Hey Everyone I thought I show portraits this week Sam Anderson Here is  anther make up from IMATS from the PPI booth     The Great Gene Cipriano musician Ronnie Lotte football Legend Thanks for taking a look Dev  
Here are some images of my favorite graveyard here in LA. It was featured in a certain TV show. It was chosen because of the unusual graves and tombs. Thanks for taking a look. Dev
Here is the second part of my favorite graveyard images in LA. I am writing this in my hotel room at heathrow airport waiting for my flight to South Africa. I love the burnt grass how unkept the space is. The strange and interesting design of the gravestones and tombs....

Late 3/13/12

Hey Everyone My site was down a few days, We are back up now Thx's Scott. Here are some images of moments I really loved last year. Juliet as "Blanche" in "A Streetcar Named Desire" one of the most amazing performances ever. Mike Ness on my friend Jeremy's video Gore Vidal in his...
Below is a selection of make-ups from the last couple of years of Imats shows. They are such wonderful works of art. The creativity and thought that goes into each of these make-ups is so inspiring. Imats LA 2011 Imats LA 2011 Imats NY 2011 Imats NY 2011 Thanks for taking a look. Dev  
Here are a few images of Juliet for her upcoming projects. Black Queen who has my heart. Black Queen 2 Black Queen 3 Juliet with the director and writer for a reading she is doing right now for the interact theater. "The Bells of West 87th" Thanks for taking a look. Dev
Below is a selection of images that were taken around the same time.   Annie Lennox shot in Vancouver after her show. James Ellroy writer of “LA Confidential” shot at the Pacific Dinning Car in LA. He loved the restaurant so much he got married there. David Lynch with a cow on Sunset Blvd...
Here are some images of the wonderful actress I have worked with. Selma Blair   Rosanna Arquette And of course the lovely Juliet Landau