7/16/12 The Gift of Life & Love

I love Juliet and owe her sooooo much but now I literally owe her my life. We are in South Africa, she is working on a film, and last week I went into septic shock from food poisoning and kept going in and out of a coma. When she returned to the hotel room after work I kept collapsing. She called the director of the movie, he came over and they got me to the hospital, I collapsed on the way there again. She kept talking to me when all I really wanted to do was drift away but she told me to fight even though it was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but in truth I did not want to let her down.


She has been looking after me as I recuperate in the most compassionate and kind way.

If you count Juliet as a friend you are very lucky! She is loyal, kind and strong, always has your back and will go the distance with you. Her wisdom and strength is unparalleled. I am truly the luckiest man in the world to be her husband.


The trick to staying alive for me is having something to live for.


Juliet took the image below about 2 hours before I was discharged from the hospital. I had just had a meltdown and Juliet had just talked me down again. I am 2 days off life support .




  1. Deverill,
    I am so glad that you’ve had good medical care in Africa and that Juliet has been such a support to you. Having a spouse that loves you and goes the extra mile does make all the difference.


  2. A serious blog and a serious point to make. Going the distance… a favourite phrase of mine. Trust you’re now past the worst.

  3. Hello Deverill… and God bless you and Juliet both!!! I am hoping you will take time to really heal and look forward to seeing you back to yourself… and in a better gown. lol

  4. Dev,
    It’s absolutely wonderful that you have Juliet there, at your side and in your corner. She’s you’re number one bar none. Having said that, also realize that there are so many people out there who really care about you and are rooting for you, your recovery and safe return home. Rest up my friend and give Juliet a hug from me. She’s a treasure.

  5. I cannot fucking believe that you are such a photographer at heart, Dev (almost literally to the end!!!) that in the midst of everything, you honestly had Juliet take a PICTURE of you!?!?! Jesus, man…
    Ginormous hugs waiting for you when you are both home safe…