2/26/12 Oscars

Here are some Oscar winners I have taken pictures of. Charlize Theron Oscar winner   Rick Baker 7 time Oscar winner Howard Burger Oscar Winner Cloris Leachman Oscar winner Thanks for taking a look Dev  
Hey everyone so here is my first blog of 2013 and since SA. Thanks for the love and support I got from everyone when I got sick in SA. I am sitting in a sound editing bay with JL working on a project. Here are some pics from St Louis airport....

Blog 2: 1/22/12

Below is some of my recent work. This is a picture of the amazing Juliet Landau from the Streetcar reading we did. I’m not sure if this was used for publicity or not. This is a picture the singer Alex Edinburgh that I took with an old Polaroid camera. I shot Charlie...


Here are some images I think that may intrest Boy George Rose McGowan Michael C Hall   Juliet Landau (My Favorite person on the planet) Thanks for taking a look.   Dev    

Blog 2/19/12

Hey Everyone I thought I show portraits this week Sam Anderson Here is  anther make up from IMATS from the PPI booth     The Great Gene Cipriano musician Ronnie Lotte football Legend Thanks for taking a look Dev  

First Blog

Hey Everyone, I am a photographer and filmmaker in Los Angeles. I wanted to share some of the projects I am working on at the moment. I have been photographing make up artists for about 15 years and just had a gallery show sponsored by MAC cosmetics. I am now giving talks...
Here are some images of my favorite graveyard here in LA. It was featured in a certain TV show. It was chosen because of the unusual graves and tombs. Thanks for taking a look. Dev
The last night of "Danny and the Deep Blue Sea" was on saturday. Doing the show has one of the most amazing times in my life. Juliet was truly incredible on saturday she transcended everything she had done before and took it to a new level. Roberta we love...